Friday, 13 February 2015


Many students & parents have a ton of opinions about PT3. Some of them hate it & some don't. I am among the ones who agrees with this new system. I believe this is a good way to help us think creatively and rationally, which through PMR couldn't be accomplished. Thanks to the new KBAT or HOTS questions this can be a achieved. The listening and the speak exam is a good way for students to get an 'easy A'. Truly a good way to start a new and better generation of Malaysians.

With that said, this does not justify the fact that KPM, the Menteri Pelajaran and other higher ups should be given all the praises. HOW THE HELL ARE WE GOING TO GET USED TO THE EXAM WITHIN 4-5 MONTHS BEFORE THE EXAM? With PMR students are able to practice and study for the exam 1-3 years in advance. Some students are capable to start practicing and studying within 2 month prior to the exam and still score straight A's but we have to put into exception that they knew the format 3 years before. The announcement of PT3 was done on March but an in-depth example of the format was released in mid June, I believe. 5 months before the writing exam and 1 month before the listening and speaking exam.

In conclusion, I agree and support PT3 as a new school system but I absolutely hated the way it was handled by the 'higher ups'. I hope the higher ups stand by their decision to change the system from PMR to PT3 and don't alter anything for the next 'victims' of PT3. Oh and I hope the higher ups learn to handle their 'upgrades' better.


Atif Ousman